We work closely with a number of trustees, providing ongoing financial advice in relation to their trust assets. Here are some of the reasons our clients enjoy working with us.

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We provide independent, whole of market advice in all areas of financial planning – we are not restricted on the advice we can give or the providers we chose to use. Our decisions are based purely on what we feel is most suitable for you.

Well Qualified

Several of our Financial Planners are Chartered and hold specific qualifications in Trust Planning. Trusts can be complex entities and we feel it’s important to have these additional qualifications and expertise.

Jargon Free

We don’t like industry jargon and complication; we believe financial advice should be easy to understand and engaging.

Clear Financial Plan

We work closely with you to build a clear and visual financial plan for your trust, this will consider; the intentions and requirements of the trust’s beneficiaries, how long the money might last, what access is required to trust assets, a suitable risk approach for the trust investments, tax considerations both now and in the future (to name a few).

Ongoing Reviews

We feel passionately about the importance of an ongoing service. Your trust beneficiaries’ needs, and circumstances will change, and it is important that your financial plan adapts accordingly. That is why we meet with our clients (either face to face or over video call) at least once a year to review the financial plan and underlying investments. We are also available throughout the year to offer help and support.

Use of Technology

We have a Personal Finance Portal that allows trustees to register the trusts investments and savings, allowing these assets to be able to be seen in one place. This also includes linking up any trustee bank account to ensure the trustees are well informed. We can also set up email trigger alerts so you are notified if the assets fall or increase by certain amounts.


Finally, and most importantly – we really care. Every single member of our team want the absolute best for our clients.

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